The Mega Upskill – Hack your life


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Go paperless and be more efficient

1. Use Carousel the new app from Dropbox for photos
2. Change from Gmail to Inbox
3. Use Google Drive for document storage and cloud access
4. Use the new Google Calendar app – It’s quite lovely.
5. Get off Whatsapp and Skype for work – Go Slack you’ll never look back.
6. Get the mobile Swiftkey keyboard on all your phones. Better than any other mobile keyboard out there.
7. Buy the new kindle paperwhite touch with bezel light.

Get Fit and Big, BOET!

1. Track your calories and macronutrients with MyFitnesspal. Get lean and Mean.
2. Get an Up3 Band and track your sleep and steps.
3. Get 5×5 and lift heavy stuff china!

Be More Awesome

1. Watch Mr. Robot and try and figure out what is going on.
2. Read some Iain M Banks and expand your horizons.
3. Listen to Upskill and ZAR podcasts and be knowledgeable and cool.

PS. I didn’t link any of the above because A) I’m feeling lazy and B) you know, Google.

The Mega Upskill – Hack your life

Cecil the Lion, Pantani, Doping and Ex Machina!

Sammy and I are back killing sacred cows, or lions in this case. This week’s podcast covers Cecil the Lion, Windows 10, Pantani, doping in sports, the Tour de France and the AI movie Ex Machina.

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I hope you enjoy.

Show notes

Pantani – The Accidental Death of A Cyclist

Slaying the Badger

Hardtalk podcast with WADA’s David Howman

Ex Machina

Cecil the Lion, Pantani, Doping and Ex Machina!

Quick Hits – Sharks and Springboks

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Hello Humans,

So this is a new format podcast we are trying. Every two weeks we will be doing a shorter call podcast with a quick wrap up of the week. Let us know what you think.

This week we cover the Ben Howard concert, Australians attacking our sharks, The lack of Springbok moneyball strategy and how to get out of being accused of being on Ashley Madison.

Normal service will return next week with a longer form podcast. We will be covering the new movie : Ex Machina and the new Marco Pantani documentary. You may want to watch before we cover them on the show.


Music for the show by Chris Zabriskie and Lee Rosevere

Quick Hits – Sharks and Springboks

Podcast no. 2 – Scientology, Sword and Sorcery

Hello All

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Thanks very much for listening to episode 2 of Upskill. As I say in the intro this ep was a beast to get done. We starting drinking Gin, we argued about first person shooters and we ended up debating religion. It got VERY long so most of this didn’t make it into the podcast. It  required a lot of editing so if it is a little clipped or there are references that don’t have a logical call back then I apologise. I hope the final result is at least partially entertaining and informative.

This week we cover Sammy’s reviews of his favourite iPhone games and we take a deep dive into the religion of Scientology.

Show Notes

Sam Harris Podcast: Waking Up

iPhone Games

1. A Dark Room

2. Sword and Sorcery

3. Device 6

4. 2048

Scientology Documentary

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

Podcast no. 2 – Scientology, Sword and Sorcery

Podcast no. 1 – Jurassic World, the threat of AI and all the Chess you can eat.

Hello humans, if you are here thanks so much for even considering downloading our podcast. I hope it provides you some utility, even if only briefly.

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Show notes for the week:

link to Sam Harris’ 5 books you must read including:

1. Super Intelligence by Nic Bostrom

2. Our final invention by James Barrat

Wiki link to Deep Blue and Deep Blue vs Garry Kasparov

Another excellent analysis of the current AI problem from waitbutwhy.

Credit to Fesigner for the outstanding logos and for prodding until this happened.

Podcast no. 1 – Jurassic World, the threat of AI and all the Chess you can eat.